November 18, 2010

Jacarandas blooming all over

November is my favorite month in Buenos Aires. Not only is November 17th our arrival anniversary date, but spring is in the air, the air itself is the perfect temperature and most importantly, the Jacarandas are in bloom all over this beautiful city. These trees grace the plazas, line the major avenues, and provide explosions of unexpected color as they peek out on small streets among the more common trees. Whenever I see them, there is a burst of joy in my heart, and I remember to pause and take in their beauty. The blossoms don't last for very long, so it is important to take them in while they last.

The purple contrasts brilliantly with the bright green of the young leaves of the Tipa trees. Carlos Thays (my favorite 19th century French Landscape Artist) knew what he was doing when he planted these trees so close together all those many years ago. It is especially stunning in Plaza San Martin as there aren't so many Jacarandas and they lend a surprising burst of color.

I hope you enjoy the sample of some of my photos and the embedded slideshow below. You can see a larger slideshow on Flickr.  There is also a photo essay up on The Argentina Independent.

Jacaranda and Tipa
Purple Jacarandas, Green Tipas and the Blue and White Sky at Plaza San Martin
(Photo: Beatrice Murch)

Jacaranda at Plaza San Martin
A Jacaranda anchors the corner of Plaza de Mayo in the heart of Buenos Aires

Jacaranda Blossoms
Jacaranda Blossoms - to infinity and beyond!

Jacaranda blossoms carpet the ground in Recoleta
(Photo: Beatrice Murch)

Plaza Miserere garden
Plaza Miserere is home to a beautiful garden in the middle of the chaos of Once
(Photo: Beatrice Murch)

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