January 8, 2010

David Murbach - RIP

When I started this blog, I had no idea who the readership would be. I still don't really (thank you very much for reading!!), but one frequent commenter was Dave. He left very detailed comments, often correcting, gently, my ignorance about the flora of Buenos Aires. He really knew his stuff. We started an email correspondence and it turned out that he lived here in Buenos Aires part of the year. We made tentative plans to meet up in August of 2009, but the stars never aligned and unfortunately we didn't meet in person for our drink, but it was okay because we would just meet the next time he was in town. This will never come to pass. I just found out that he died in December in his West Palm Beach home in Florida. He sent me some incredible shots of Ficus trees and their root systems from Florida. We got into various discussions and he pushed me to see and write up the Carlos Thays exhibit. I'm really glad I went, I wish I'd written everything up sooner. I really regret not having had the chance to meet him in person, but I am very happy that we connected about a passion we share. I want to take the time now to suggest to myself and to everyone: carpe diem!

Dave was a humble man in our interactions and it wasn't until we'd been conversing for a while that he told me his full name and suggested that I google him. He definitely knew his stuff about horticulture. His touch will be missed and there are some pretty damned big shoes to fill this next year in New York Rockerfeller Center.

Photo by David Murbach


nakedjen said...

so, i'm new here. not new to you, of course. but new to this particular home of yours. and i'm enchanted.

i feel like i need to come and hug so many of these trees. your photos just made me gasp. in delight.

thank you for this. i'll be reading regularly. and i'm very very sorry that you, and the trees, and all of us have lost Dave.

Beatrice M said...

Thanks you Jen.

Flying AZN said...

you have beautiful pictures up here....amazing and very inspiring.

Beatrice M said...

Thanks Di! I hope you enjoy following along and I look forward to getting to know you, even under these circumstances.

Evandro Andaku said...

Yes, Beatrice. He was great. I read his comments from the first time I saw this blog. We´ll miss him. From now on I will study more before commenting something, so the good level of conversation can be kept.

Beatrice M said...

Thanks Evandro - you don't need to study too much. I just hope that you enjoy what's up here and correct me when you can tell that I'm wrong.

Sandra Gutrejde said...

Hi Beatrice
I'm shocked with this news. I just came back from vacation and was putting up with old readings, to find this sad post. I knew David just like you, we starting corresponding after he left a nice comment on my blog, he always had something nice to say. I also found out who he was after I googled him. He shared with me the beautiful pictures of his lovely garden in the Hamptons and the many articles that were written about him. But he has so humble that he even offered to come and make my small balcony!! I never had the chance to meet him in person because, as you said, there was always a "next time". He was supposed to come again this February. Very sad news.

Unknown said...

Hola Beatrice,mi nombre es Gabriel y tuve la suerte de conocer a David cuando compro su hermoso departamento en barrio norte ,yo le hice toda la iluminacion, era un tipo genial, alegre y generoso, nos hicimos amigos y compartimos mucho tiempo en sus frecuentes viajes, era un viajero incansable, amaba las plantas y los arboles y sabia de ellos una enormidad, todavia no puedo creer que ya no este, realmente lo vamos a extra├▒ar.
Te dejo el link a su blog , alli entre otras cosas estan las fotos de su departamento y lo mas importante las del jardin de la planta baja que el arreglo , yo lo conoci antes y te aseguro que era un terreno baldio.Te hubiese encantado conocerlo.
Gabriel Matozza.

Edgar Oswaldo Cobar said...
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